The Welsh Man – New ‘Cymru Noir’ Novel

Welsh writer Dave Lewis has just launched his fourth novel, an uncompromising look at the British underworld played out against a background of love and harsh landscapes.

Following on from the success of his ‘Cymru noir’ technothriller Hagar trilogy this time Lewis takes us deeper into the human heart.

As the tag line for the novel says, “the streets can be savage but so can the heart”.

Paul Thorne is no angel.  A hard man with a troubled past, his mistake was to fall for the wrong girl.  When he said yes to love, he opened the door to death.

A tragic accident finds him running for his life from a vicious London crime boss.  He seeks sanctuary in a sleepy, Welsh seaside town but instead of solace, he finds jealousy and betrayal.

A brutal journey through the underbelly of 80s and 90s Britain.  Violent and sad.  Powerful, beautiful prose lingers like a bruise, haunting the mind, long after the last page is read.


“A truly great Welsh author.  The author has an eye that describes modern Wales and the damaged lives of the characters who inhabit its green and flourishing post industrial landscape perfectly.  A deceptively mesmerising, easy read that details the history of a troubled land from the late 20th and into the 21st century.  The central character is so real, I feel I want to buy him a drink – or two or more – just for the conversation.  This IS modern Wales and the true successor to ‘How Green Was My Valley’.  Read it, mourn for what has been lost and marvel at the writer’s insight but above all, read it.” – Katherine John (Crime writer)

The book is available in paperback and kindle online and from all good book shops.

For more information about the author please visit his website –


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  1. I’ve read this book, absolutely brilliant. A beautiful, honest piece of writing. Would make a fantastic film.

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