Over 100 Writers!

Although we knew when we started this little project that it would take a long time to populate the database with even a handful of Wales’ best writers we have already reached an important milestone. Upon counting we have just realised that we’ve already passed 100 authors. In fact at time of writing we have 119 great Welsh writers on board with more to come as soon as our sore and aching typing fingers can add them!

To begin with we added the most famous writers we could find under each ‘letter’ of our A to Z but now, having added at least a few to each section, we can concentrate on slotting even more great writers onto the website. So why not send us a list of a few writers you think we should include?

We should also say that we still have a list of well over 100 to wade through, starting with the ‘A’s and ‘B’s, so your favourite writers may be on the list soon…

Thanks for your patience.


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