RCT Creative Writing Group

Founded in 2010 with the assistance and encouragement of the RCT Carers Support Project, (for past and present carers) with  a six weeks creative writing course mentored by author / poet Mike Church at the Muni Arts Centre, Pontypridd. We are delighted to say that our group patron is renowned author Catrin Collier. The group have continued to meet on a monthly basis but is now open to all who share a love of the […]

Home Fires

Angela Croft is a writer who lived in Old Colwyn, North Wales throughout WWII. Her great, great grandfather Charles Thomas, was a Master Mariner who sailed Tea Clippers from South Wales. During the Welsh miners strike back in the 70’s when they lobbied Parliament her poem ‘Home Fires’ was published in an anthology by Prole Books following an open competition. Home Fires in the ‘70s The Welsh miners transcend the pinnacles of power with their sonorous voices, […]

The Journal

So long as the submissions keep coming with luck I’ll be putting #56 The Journal in the post some time in March. Actually it’d be #66 were I to take into account the first 10 issues of what was then The Journal of Contemporary Anglo-Scandinavian Poetry. But as by the time I got to issue 10 I’d run out of Scandinavian material in translation, so a rethink had been required. Why Anglo-Scandinavian? Most, if not all, changes […]

Website Launch – Press Release

Writers of Wales How many famous Welsh writers can you think of? Roald Dahl, Dylan Thomas, Catrin Collier? But who else I wonder? Well you’d probably be surprised to hear that one of the best-selling authors in the world was born in Cardiff.  Maybe you didn’t know that the writer of the world’s greatest national anthem (don’t even think of arguing that one!) lived in Pontypridd or that an old Welsh poet may have made […]

Support Us

This website costs money to produce and is also very time-consuming. The costs are domain name, web hosting, design and maintenance. It has been created to help all Welsh writers and we receive no funding or support from any of the arts/literary organisations in Wales (even though they get millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money to promote you) so if you would like to offer financial support for us to continue with this project then please […]

Famous Poetry Contest Launched

How many people know that the world famous International Welsh Poetry Competition began life in a small, independent pub, tucked away down a quiet side street in Pontypridd? Founded by Welsh poet Dave Lewis in 2007 the contest has been run and organised from the town ever since, is now in its thirteenth year and is the biggest poetry competition in Wales! But what makes this competition so special? Some would say the judges, others the […]


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