From a Cage on a Rock in a Puddle

Daniel Holmes, a man from south Wales who was arrested in 2006 on Malta with his friend Barry Lee, for growing cannabis for their own use.  Daniel then spent 12 years detained on the island, 9 of which were spent in the Corradino Correctional Facility Prison near Valletta.

There was no evidence of their intent to deal but at that time in Malta cultivation was automatically classed as trafficking, contrary to EU human rights laws.  Daniel and Barry were each charged with crimes that threatened FIVE life sentences and because of this, Barry Lee committed suicide while in custody.

The case attracted much Maltese and international attention, and protests were held in Malta and petitions launched demanding Daniel’s release.  This did not happen even when the president was asked to reconsider the fairness of the case.

Daniel was eventually released in 2018 and deported.  He returned to Cardiff where he now lives with his family.

When in jail, Daniel spent much of his time reading and writing. He recorded his experiences each day and these are now included in his first book entitled ‘From a Cage on a Rock in a Puddle’ was launched at this year’s Malta Book Festival.

To read an interview with Daniel – click here.

Daniel continues to write, and has already completed other works for future publication, including a poetry book, a book of short stories, a review of his Instagram posts during his incarceration, and a children’s book.


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