Terry Breverton

Terry Breverton (1946, E )was born in Birmingham to Welsh parents, and brought up in Wales before attending universities in England. He worked in over twenty countries before moving to acadaemia, lecturing in Milan, Bologna and Wales before escaping into full-time writing. A Fellow of the Institutes of Consulting and of Marketing, he has given the prestigious Bemis Lecture in Lincoln, Massachusetts, and has spoken twice at the National Festival of Wales in America and Canada. He has been awarded the Welsh Books Council’s ‘Book of the Month’ five times. He has authored over fifty books and is one of Wales’ most prolific writers. He is also a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society.

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  • (2000), An A to Z of Wales and the Welsh, Christopher Davies Publishers
  • (2000), The Secret Vale of Glamorgan, Glyndŵr Publishing
  • (2000), The Book of Welsh Saints, Glyndŵr Publishing
  • (2001), 100 Great Welshmen, Glyndŵr Publishing
  • (2001), 100 Great Welsh Women, Glyndŵr Publishing
  • (2002), The Path to Inexperience, Glyndŵr Publishing
  • (2002), The Welsh Almanac, Glyndŵr Publishing
  • (2003), The Book of Welsh Pirates and Buccaneers, Glyndŵr Publishing
  • (2003), Glamorgan Seascape Pathways, Wales Books
  • (2004), Black Bart Roberts: The Greatest Pirate of Them All, Wales Books
  • (2004), Black Bart Roberts: The Greatest Pirate of Them All (short edition), Pelican (USA)
  • (2004), The Pirate Handbook: A Dictionary of Pirate Terms and Places, Wales Books
  • (2004), The Pirate Dictionary, Pelican Publishing
  • (2004), A Song for Owain: Poems In Praise Of Owain Glyndŵr, Y Lolfa
  • (2005), Sir Henry Morgan – The Greatest Buccaneer of Them All, Glyndŵr Publishing
  • (2005), Admiral Sir Henry Morgan: King of the Buccaneers, Pelican (USA)
  • (2006), 100 Great Welshmen (new edition), Wales Books
  • (2007), Welsh Sailors of World War II, Glyndŵr Publishing
  • (2007), Terry Breverton, ed., The First American Novel: The Journal of Penrose, Seaman & the Book, Author and Letters in the Lilly Library by William Williams, Glyndŵr Publishing
  • (2008), Terry Breverton, ed., The Illustrated Pirate Diaries: A Remarkable Eyewitness Account of Captain Morgan and the Buccaneers by Alexander Exquemelin, Apple
  • (2009), Immortal Words: History’s Most Memorable Quotations and the Stories Behind Them, Quercus History/Border
  • (2009), Owain Glyndŵr – The Story of the Last Prince of Wales, Amberley
  • (2009), Wales – A Historical Companion, Amberley
  • (2010), Breverton’s Nautical Curiosities – A Book of the Sea, Quercus(UK)/Globe Pequot (USA)
  • (2010), Immortal Last Words: History’s Most Memorable Dying Remarks, Deathbed Declarations and Final Farewells, Quercus/Borders
  • (2010), Wales’ 1000 Best Heritage Sites, Amberley
  • (2011), Breverton’s Phantasmagoria: A Compendium of Monsters, Myths and Legends, Quercus(UK)/Globe Pequot (USA)
  • (2011), Breverton’s Complete Herbal: A Book of Remarkable Plants and Their Uses, Quercus(UK)/Globe Pequot (USA)
  • (2012), I Have a Dream – Inspiring Words and Thoughts from the World’s Greatest Leaders, Quercus(UK)/Globe Pequot (USA)
  • (2012), Bird Watching – A Practical Guide, Parragon (USA)
  • (2012), Backyard Birds, Parragon (USA)
  • (2012), Breverton’s Encyclopedia of Inventions:A Compendium of Technological Leaps, Groundbreaking Discoveries and Scientific Breakthroughs that Changed the World, Quercus
  • (2012), The Welsh – The Biography, Amberley
  • (2012), The Physicians of Myddfai – Cures and Remedies of the Medieval World, Cambria Books
  • (2013), Richard III – The King in the Car Park, Amberley
  • (2013), Owain Glyndŵr: The Story of the Last Prince of Wales – new edition, Amberley Publishing
  • (2014), Jasper Tudor: Dynasty Maker (hardback), Amberley Publishing
  • (2014), The Journal of Penrose, Seaman – the New Robinson Crusoe by William Williams, Cambria Books
  • (2014), Breverton’s First World War Curiosities, Amberley Publishing
  • (2015), Jasper Tudor: Dynasty Maker, Amberley Publishing
  • (2015), Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About the Tudors but Were Afraid to Ask, Amberley Publishing
  • (2015), The Tudor Kitchen: What the Tudors Ate & Drank, Amberley Publishing
  • (2015), Richard III – The King in the Car Park, Amberley Publishing
  • (2016), The Tudor Cookbook: From Gilded Peacock to Calves Feet Pie, Amberley Publishing
  • (2016), Henry VII: The Maligned Tudor King, Amberley Publishing
  • (2017), Owen Tudor: Founding Father of the Tudor Dynasty, Amberley Publishing
  • (2017), 100 Greatest Welshmen, Publish & Print
  • (2017), 100 Greatest Welsh Women, Publish & Print
  • (2018), The True Confessions of William Owen, Smuggler, Privateer and Murderer, Gwasg Carreg Gwalch
  • (2018), Welsh Pirates and Privateers, Gwasg Carreg Gwalch
  • (2018), A Gross of Pirates: From Alfhild the Shield Maiden to Afweyne the Big Mouth, Amberley
  • (2022), The Greatest Sporting Family In History – The Blue And Black Brothers, Publish & Print


  • ‘The Dragon Entertains’, Alan Roderick Glyndŵr paperback 2001
  • ‘A Rhondda Boy’, Ivor Howells Glyndŵr paperback 2001
  • ‘Glyn Dŵr’s War: The Campaigns of the last Prince of Wales’, Gideon Brough Glyndŵr paperback 2002
  • ‘From Wales to Pennsylvania: the David Thomas Story’, Dr Peter Williams Glyndŵr paperback 2002
  • The Man from the Alamo’John Humphreys Glyndŵr paperback 2004 WH Smith Book of the Month
  • Heroic Science – the Royal Institution of South Wales and Swansea 1835-1865’Ronald Rees Glyndŵr paperback 2005
  • Gringo Revolutionary – The Amazing Adventures of Carel ap Rhys Pryce’John Humphreys Glyndŵr paperback 2005

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