Richard Llewellyn

Richard Llewellyn (1906 – 1983, E) was born of Welsh parents in Middlesex. He lived a nomadic life, travelling widely. Before World War II, he spent periods working in hotels, wrote a play, worked as a coal miner and produced his best-known novel. During World War II, he rose to the rank of Captain in the Welsh Guards. Following the war, he worked as a journalist, covering the Nuremberg Trials, and then as a screenwriter for MGM. Late in his life, he lived in Eilat, Israel. His best-known book was How Green Was My Valley (1939), which won international acclaim and was made into a classic Hollywood film. He died in Dublin.


  • Poison Pen: A Play in Three Acts (1938)
  • How Green Was My Valley (1939)
  • None but the Lonely Heart (1943)
  • A Few Flowers for Shiner (1950)
  • A Flame for Doubting Thomas (1954)
  • Sweet Witch (1955)
  • Mr. Hamish Gleave (1956)
  • The Flame of Hercules (1957)
  • Warden of the Smoke and Bells (1958)
  • Chez Pavan (1959)
  • Up into the Singing Mountain (1960)
  • A Man in a Mirror (1964)
  • Sweet Morn of Judas’ Day (1965)
  • Down Where the Moon is Small (1966)
  • End of the Rug (1969)
  • But We Didn’t Get the Fox (1970)
  • White Horse to Banbury Cross (1972)
  • Bride of Israel My Love (1973)
  • The Night is a Child (1974)
  • Hill of Many Dreams (1974)
  • Green, Green My Valley Now (1975)
  • At Sunrise, the Rough Music (1976)
  • Tell Me Now and Again (1977)
  • A Night of Bright Stars (1979)
  • I Stand on a Quiet Shore (1982)

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