Rhys Hughes

Rhys Hughes (1966, E), is from Cardiff and is a fantasy writer and essayist. Although he is not a member of OuLiPo, the international literary group that uses mathematics and logic to create texts that break the familiar patterns of ‘normal’ writing, he is one of the few English-speaking practitioners of these methods. Some of his more experimental works can be considered examples of ergodic literature. His long novel ‘Engelbrecht Again!’ is a sequel to Maurice Richardson’s 1950 cult classic ‘The Exploits of Engelbrecht’ and is the most radical of Hughes’s books, making extensive use of lipograms, typographical tricks, coded passages and other OuLiPo techniques. His main project consists of authoring a 1,000-story cycle of both tightly and loosely interconnected tales.



  • The Percolated Stars: An Astro-Caffeine Romp in Three Cups Featuring Batavus Droogstoppel Merchant and Scientist and Bourgeois Monster: One Lump or Two? (RazorBlade Press; 2003)
  • Engelbrecht Again! (Dead Letter Press; 2008)
  • Mister Gum; Or: The Possibly Phoney Profundity of Puerility (Dog Horn Publishing; 2009)
  • Twisthorn Bellow (Atomic Fez Publishing; 2010)
  • The Abnormalities of Stringent Strange (Meteor House; 2013)
  • The Young Dictator (Pillar International Publishing; 2013)
  • Captains Stupendous; Or, the Fantastical Family Faraway (expansion of The Coandă Effect: A Corto Maltese Adventure) (Telos Moonrise; 2014)


  • Eyelidiad (1996)
  • Rawhead & Bloody Bones (1998)
  • Elusive Plato (1998)
  • The Crystal Cosmos (PS Publishing; December 2007)
  • The Coandă Effect (Ex Occidente Press; November 2010)
  • The Sticky Situations of Zwicky Fingers (Gloomy Seahorse Press; 2014)
  • Cloud Farming in Wales (Snuggly Books; 2017)

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