Rebecca Bryn

Rebecca Bryn (1947, E) lives in St Davids, west Wales with her husband, where she paints the fabulous coast scenery in watercolours and writes historical, mystery, and fantasy fiction with a twist.  Several of her novels are inspired by her very chequered family history, and the stories her grandfather and mother-in-law told her when she was a child.  She loves delving into social history and the lives of the ordinary people whose struggles have given us the freedoms we enjoy today.  One reviewer describes her as ‘a modern-day Catherine Cookson but more real and gritty.’

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  • The Silence of the Stones 2014
  • Touching the Wire 2014
  • On Different Shores 2017
  • Beneath Strange Stars 2017
  • On Common Ground 2017
  • The Dandelion Clock 2018
  • Kindred and Affinity 2019
  • The Chainmakers’ Daughter 2020
  • The Chainmaker’s Wife 2021
  • The Chain Mistress 2021
  • The Child of Prophecy 2021 (Previously ‘Where Hope Dares’ 2015)
  • Revenge 2022
  • Give Us This Day 2022
  • Let Us Pass 2023

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