Myfanwy Pryce

Myfanwy Pryce (1890 – 1976, EW) was born in Llandeilo and was a novelist and short story writer. She published nine novels and her works were admired for their gentle humour and literary technique. In 1915, she shared the Lyric Prize at the National Eisteddfod. During World War I, she worked in London, at the Red Cross War Library, and at the Ministry of National Service. Myfanwy Pryce began publishing fiction with her novel ‘Blue Moons’ (1919), an “amusing and vivid account of girls’ lives” during World War I.


  • Blue Moons (1919)
  • Parsons’ Wives (1926)
  • Gingerbread Lea (1927)
  • Wild Oats Meadow (1927)
  • Blind Lead (1928)
  • The Gift and Other Stories (short story collection, 1932)
  • The Wood Ends (1937)
  • Lady in the Dark (1938)
  • Anything Might Happen (1939)
  • A Life of My Own (1946)

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