Menna Elfyn

Menna Elfyn (1952, EW) is a poet, playwright, columnist, and editor, writing in Welsh. Elfyn has published ten volumes of poetry and a dozen more of children’s books and anthologies. She has also written eight plays for the stage, six radio plays for the BBC, and two plays and several documentaries for television. She co-edited The Bloodaxe Book of Modern Welsh Poetry.


  • Mwyara, Gwasg Gomer (1976)
  • Stafelloedd Aros, Gwasg Gomer (1978)
  • Tro’r Haul Arno, Gwasg Gomer (1981)
  • Mynd Lawr i’r Nefoedd, Gwasg Gomer (1985)
  • Aderyn Bach Mewn Llaw: cerddi 1976-90, Gwasg Gomer (1990)
  • Eucalyptus, Gwasg Gomer (1995)
  • Cell Angel, Bloodaxe Books (1996)
  • Cusan Dyn Dall/ Blind Man’s Kiss, Bloodaxe Books (2001)
  • Perffaith Nam, Gwasg Gomer (2005)
  • Perffaith Nam. Perfect Blemish, Bloodaxe Books (2007)
  • Er dy fod , Gwasg Gomer 2007 (book for learners/learning a language)

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