Gillian Clarke

Gillian Clarke (1937, EW) was born in Cardiff and is a poet and playwright.  She graduated in English from Cardiff University, worked for the BBC for a year before teaching English. In 1990 she was a co-founder of Tŷ Newydd, a writers’ centre in North Wales.  She has published numerous collections of poetry for adults and children.  In 2008, Gillian Clarke became the third National Poet of Wales.


  • Snow on the Mountain. (Christopher Davies), 1971
  • The Sundial. (Gomer Press / Gwasg Gomer), 1978
  • Letter From a Far Country. (Carcanet Press), 1982
  • Selected Poems. (Carcanet Press), 1985
  • Letting in the Rumour. (Carcanet Press), 1989
  • The King of Britain’s Daughter. (Carcanet Press), 1993
  • Collected Poems. (Carcanet Press), 1997
  • Five Fields. (Carcanet Press), 1998
  • The Animal Wall. Illustrated, for children. (Gomer Press / Gwasg Gomer) 1999
  • Nine Green Gardens. (Gomer Press / Gwasg Gomer), 2000
  • Owain Glyndŵr. (National Library of Wales), 2000
  • Making the Beds for the Dead (Carcanet Press) 2004
  • At the Source (Carcanet Press) 2008
  • A Recipe for Water (Carcanet Press) 2009
  • Ice (Carcanet Press) 2012
  • Zoology (Carcanet Press) 2019
  • Roots Home: Essays and a Journal (Carcanet Press) 2021

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