Elaine Morgan

Elaine Morgan (1920 – 2013), was born in Hopkinstown, Pontypridd and was a writer for television and the author of several books on evolutionary anthropology, especially the aquatic ape hypothesis. The Descent of Woman, The Aquatic Ape, The Scars of Evolution, The Descent of the Child, The Aquatic Ape Hypothesis and The Naked Darwinist (2008) discuss the reception of aquatic scenarios in academic literature. Possibly due to her lack of scientific credentials (she had an English degree from Oxford University) the zoological community dismissed her ideas for many years. However by 2000 the scientific community had generally accepted her work to be of merit. Morgan began writing in the 1950s when she joined the BBC. They began to produce her plays for television and her list of credits is long indeed. She won two BAFTAs and two Writers Guild awards in a long and illustrious career.


  • The Waiting Room: A Play for Women in One Act (Samuel French Ltd, 1958)
  • Rest You Merry: A Christmas Play in Two Acts (Samuel French Ltd, 1959)
  • Eli’r Teulu: Comedi Dair Act (Gwasg Aberystwyth, 1960)
  • The Soldier and the Woman: A Play in One Act (Samuel French Ltd, 1961)
  • Licence to Murder: A Play in Two Acts (Samuel French Ltd, 1963)
  • A Chance to Shine: A Play in One Act (Samuel French Ltd, 1964)
  • Love from Liz (Samuel French Ltd, 1967)


  • The Descent of Woman, 1972, Souvenir Press
  • The Aquatic Ape, 1982, Stein & Day Pub
  • The Scars of Evolution, 1990, Souvenir Press
  • The Descent of the Child: Human Evolution from a New Perspective, 1995, Oxford University Press
  • The Aquatic Ape Hypothesis, 1997, Souvenir Press
  • The Naked Darwinist, 2008, Eildon Press
  • L’origine della donna, 2012, Castelvecchi editore

Other works:

  • An essay “The Escape Route”, also on Hardy Theory
  • Falling Apart: The Rise and Decline of Urban Civilisation, 1976, Souvenir Press Ltd.
  • Pinker’s List, 2005, Eildon Press

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