Eifion Jones

William Eifion Jones (1925 – 2004) was a marine botanist, noted for his study of marine algae.  Born and brought up in Aberystwyth he studied botany at the University of Wales. He moved to Bangor in 1953 to join the newly founded Marine Biology Station as a lecturer with Denis Crisp, and completed his PhD in 1957.  He wrote ‘A key to the Genera of the British Seaweeds’ (1962).  It was most valuable as an update to Newton’s Handbook of 1931 had become out-of-date and this was required to identify the genera of algae to be found on the shores of the British Isles.  He joined the British Phycological Society in 1955 and served as a Member of Council (1959 and 1974–1977), as Assistant Secretary (1959) and Hon. Treasurer (1964–1968). At the Eighth International Seaweed Symposium, held in Bangor in 1974, he was a member of the organizing committee and secretary. He was President of the North Wales Wildlife Trust and Bardsey Bird and Field Observatory.


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