Eamonn Griffin

Eamonn Griffin (1968, E) is originally from Lincolnshire but now lives in north-east Wales. He’s worked as a stonemason, a strawberry picker, in plastics factories (everything from packing those little bags for loose change you get from banks to production planning via transport manager via fork-lift driving), in agricultural and industrial laboratories, in a computer games shop, and latterly in further and higher education. He doesn’t do any of that anymore. Instead, he writes fulltime. He really likes biltong, and has returned to learning the piano, something he abandoned when he was about seven and has regretted since.

Website –  www.eamonngriffinwriting.com


  • The Prospect of this City (2015)
  • Torc (2016)
  • Juggernaut (2017)
  • Benches of Louth (2018)
  • East of England (2019)

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