Dic Edwards

Dic Edwards (1953, E) was born in Cardiff and educated at Lampeter University and the University of Wales at Aberystwyth. He is a playwright, poet and university lecturer. His writing often touches upon social issues, such as nationalism and terrorism.  His first four plays were produced at the Sherman Theatre, Cardiff.  Edwards has worked with Sgript Cymru on multiple projects, including his comedy ‘Franco’s Bastard’, a parody of Welsh activist Julian Cayo-Evans.  During the play’s premier in 2002, a group of Welsh Nationalists protested the play by leading walkouts and throwing stinkbombs.  In 2003, Edwards wrote the libretto for Keith Burstein’s opera, ‘Manifest Destiny’.  He is the editor and co-founder of the literary magazine The Lampeter Review.

Published works


  • Late City Echo (1981)
    At the End of the Bay (1982)
    Canned Goods (1983)
    Looking for the World (1986)
    Wittgenstein’s Daughter (1993)
    Casanova Undone (1996)
    The Shakespeare Factory (Three Plays) (1998)
    Americana: Utah Blue, Over Milk Wood, Poems (2000)
    Franco’s Bastard/Lola Brecht (2002)
    Manifest Destiny (2004)
    Astrakhan (Winter) (2005)
    The Pimp (2006)
    Two Immorality Plays (2008)
    Let’s Kill All The Lawyers


  • Walt Whitman and Other Poems (2008)

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