David Hodges

David Hodges (1944, E) is originally from Ilford but after many years travel around the UK and forty years association with Wales he has finally settled in Pembroke.  A former superintendent with Thames Valley Police, he is a prolific crime writer and author of eleven crime novels to date, plus an autobiography on his life in the police service.  He is the author of several successful stand-alone thrillers, including ‘Blast’ and ‘Target’.  In particular, his Somerset Murder Series, featuring the exploits of feisty detective, Kate Lewis (nee Hamblin), and her easy-going partner, Hayden, have gone from strength to strength, attracting keen interest in the USA as well as in Britain.


  • Flashpoint 1999
  • Burnout 2005
  • Slice 2010
  • Reflections In Blue 2011
  • Requiem 2012
  • Strawfoot 2015
  • Sandman 2015
  • Firetrap 2017
  • Blast 2017
  • Deadly Secrets 2017
  • Target 2018
  • Slice 2019
  • Murder On The Levels 2019
  • Revenge On The Levels 2019
  • Fear On The Levels 2019
  • Secrets On The Levels 2019
  • Killer On The Levels 2019
  • Death On The Levels 2019
  • Poison On The Levels 2020

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