Charly White

Charly White (1997, E) is a writer and musician from south Wales.  Her writing focuses on mindfulness, nature and well-being, and carries the intention to connect with the world and inspire a more gentle way of living.  A lot of her work has been written during her time living in France and throughout her travels in Asia, and her poems often explore the theme of ‘Home’.  Her first Poetry book, ‘A Collection of Wildflowers’ is released in March 2024 (Arkbound UK).  Her poems are featured in the Poetry for Mental Health anthology: ‘Mental Health’ (Robin Barratt), the online literary journal: ‘Poemstellium’ (Mental Health Awareness Day, 2023), and the literary magazine: ‘Coffee People Zine’ (Issue 21: Fire).

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  • A Collection of Wildflowers, 2024 (Arkbound UK)

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