Geraint Bowen

Dr. Geraint Bowen (1915 – 2011, W) was born in Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, brother of poet Euros Bowen.  He studied at University College, Cardiff and later at the University of Liverpool where he did a MA in Celtic Studies.  He wrote extensively about aspects of Welsh religious history religious yet was an avowed atheist.  An outspoken Welsh nationalist, and a conscientious objector during the Second World War.  He stood against Labour, as Plaid Cymru candidate for Wrexham in the 1950 General Election.  In 1944, after the war, he came to live with his parents at New Quay, where Dylan Thomas was temporarily living; it has been speculated that his father Orchwy was the inspiration for the Reverend Eli Jenkins in Under Milk Wood.  In 1946, Bowen won the bardic Chair at the National Eisteddfod of Wales in Mountain Ash, for his “Awdl Foliant i’r Amaethwr”.  In 1977 he became editor of Y Faner, and from 1978 to 1981 he presided over the Eisteddfod ceremonies as Archdruid.  As Archdruid he was heavily involved in the campaign to force the government to create the promised Welsh-language television channel S4C.  He was also a campaigner against the dumping of nuclear waste and was chairman of the campaign group Madryn in the early 1980s.



  • Awdl Foliant i Amaethwrr
  • Cân yr Angylion
  • T. Gwynn Jones (Y Bardd Celtaidd)
  • Cwm Llynor
  • Y Drewgoed
  • Cywydd y Coroni
  • Yr Aran
  • Prynhawnddydd
  • Dr. Gwenan Jones
  • Teyrnged i Gwyndaf
  • Cyfarch Bro Myrddin
  • Ar Doriad Gwawr
  • Branwen


  • O Groth y Ddaear (1993)


  • Welsh recusant writings published in 1999 in English
  • Gwssanaeth y gwyr newydd, 1580 by Robert Gwyn published in 1970 in Welsh
  • Golwg ar Orsedd y Beirdd by Geraint Bowen published in 1992 in Welsh
  • Y traddodiad rhyddiaith yn yr ugeinfed ganrif : (darlithiau Dewi Sant)published in 1976 in Welsh
  • Y Traddodiad rhyddiaith (darlithiau Rhydychen) published in 1970 in Welsh
  • Y Drych Kristnogawl : llawysgrif Caerdydd 3.240 published in 1996 in Welsh
  • Y traddodiadd rhyddiaith yn yr Oesau Canol : (darlithiau Dewi Sant)published in 1974 in Welsh
  • Y gwareiddiad Celtaidd published in 1987 in Welsh
  • Ar drywydd y Mormoniaid : golwg ar hanes y Mormoniaid Cymreig 1840–80 by Geraint Bowen published between 1998 and 1999 in English and Welsh
  • Cerddi by Geraint Bowen published in 1984 in English and Welsh
  • Atlas Meirionnydd published in 1974 in Welsh
  • Bwyd llwy o badell awen : (cwrs ar y gynghanedd) by Geraint Bowen published in 1977 in English and Welsh
  • Hanes Gorsedd y Beirdd by Geraint & Zonia Bowen published in 1991 in Welsh
  • Ysgrifennu creadigol : darlithiau Taliesin published in 1972 in Welsh
  • Y Drych Kristianogawl : astudiaeth by Geraint Bowen published in 1988 in Welsh
  • John Morris-Jones : y diwygiwr iaith a llên by Geraint Bowen published in 1989 in Welsh
  • W.J. Gruffydd published in 1994 in Welsh
  • Mynegai i cerdd dafod : sef celfyddyd barddoniaeth Gymraeg, John Morris-Jones by Geraint Bowen published in 1947 in English and Welsh
  • Penllyn by Geraint Bowen published in 1967 in Welsh

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