Please find below our A – Z database of as many Welsh (and Welsh-related) writers as we can find.  To make things easier we have grouped writers together alphabetically and by surname.  Therefore just click on the letters to search for authors by surname:

A to Z Writers

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Note: Many of the writers in our list will be very famous; best-selling authors like Roald Dahl, Ken Follett, Dick Francis and so on, some will be from ancient history and perhaps less familiar, whilst we envisage the vast majority will be new (‘indie’) writers.  We make no apologies for putting all writers (great and small) together within the same system but rather see it as a way of promoting equality in what can often be a rather pretentious and stuffy profession. And who knows, maybe in time, that unknown poet from a small, ex-mining village may end up being regarded in higher esteem than Dylan Thomas, and you will have discovered him (or her) here first!

We’ve purposefully only added a very brief biography for even the very famous and celebrated authors in our list, because for those writers there will already be lots of information readily available elsewhere online.  For many of these, we have included a link to Wikipedia or their websites for more details.  For other writers who might need help promoting themselves, we’ve tried to offer links to their websites, books for sale on Amazon etc. Please consider buying a book from a lesser-known author by clicking on their Amazon Author Profile page.

A to Z Writers

It is also worth pointing out to readers from outside our borders that Wales is a funny old place, especially when we think of the current literary scene here.  Some Welsh writers have sold millions of copies of their books worldwide without having to take a single penny from the arts establishment here in Wales.  Others have been given tens of thousands of pounds (on several occasions) for books (if they get published at all) that fail to sell even a handful of copies.  And here’s the crazy thing, these same ‘unsuccessful writers’ not only continue to get published by the same publicly funded, Welsh publishers but they win prizes of several thousands of pounds that are awarded by the same publicly funded organisations.  It’s a system that needs serious scrutiny and some would argue completely overhauling so that the next generation of great Welsh talent gets the opportunity to shine both in a literary sense and also in the marketplace. After all, if you’re any good you should be selling a few books yeh?

And so with this in mind, we hope that every writer that gets added to our list gets the chance to sell more books and get their work noticed by the great reading public.

As said earlier this resource has been produced simply to help promote Welsh writers but it does cost us time and money to produce and maintain. Like many grassroots projects of this nature, we receive no funding from any of the arts/literary businesses here in Wales so anything you can do to help provide financial support for us to continue is much appreciated.

Images: The majority of the images used in this site fall under the Creative Commons Licence (CC BY-SA 2.0) or Fair Dealing (Fair use in US).  Any queries relating to this just email us.

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