Welsh Poet Launches Attack On Artificial Intelligence

Welsh writer Dave Lewis launches his latest poetry collection with a scathing attack on artificial intelligence (AI) and the negative effects it is already having on society.

Artificial intelligence, algorithm, poetry

A collection of poetry that highlights many of the problems facing humanity today and the dystopian nightmare society is sleepwalking towards.

These are poems about artificial intelligence, childhood, death, nature, Welsh independence, culture, race, war, sexism, travel and love.

Lewis does not take a side but instead immerses us in a subject. He is an astute observer who can effortlessly dissect uncomfortable truths and never shies away from the more challenging issues of the day.

Praise for Dave Lewis’ poetry:

“Dave Lewis’s work possesses an energy and freshness that lifts his imagery and empathy way above the work of many less ambitious poets.” – Sally Spedding

“Dave Lewis is a unique voice in the poetry world.” – Moira Andrew

“His poetry is honest and direct. Each word is effective. Each word is easily understood. Unlike so many others today, he writes from the heart and soul, from raw emotion; he has drawn on his wide-ranging knowledge and experience to evolve a style, an elevated poetic diction, which eschews artifice and ornate language.” – John Evans

Available in paperback or kindle.

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